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Milwork Ceilings

Stretch Ceiling

Milwork ceilings are a high tech, new innovation in the industry with an unparalleled aesthetic that is otherwise impossible.

trimwork ceilings employ a light PVC film to create gravity-defying surfaces that curve and warp seemingly on a whim. In reality, stretch ceilings are a simple type of suspension ceiling; behind the PVC is a framework that holds the plastic up in the proper shape. The plastic hangs from the framework, and between its own natural properties and gravity, it curves smoothly. The PVC can be painted just like anything other surface, and is suitable for complex murals.

Stretch ceilings are very modern, best suited for chic, airy homes with--the sort with brushed metal fixtures and lots of glass. However, stretch ceilings can be styled to provide an excellent burst of anachronism to a more rustic Victorian home as well.

Stretch ceilings add greatly to the value of a home as they are very uncommon; most buyers will have never seen them in person, granting them the value of novelty, a defining feature that could easily tip the scales from one home to another. Stretch ceilings are remarkably affordable. As exotic as they look, they are not difficult to install by trained professionals, and can be placed in nearly any room on a variety of different scales.

We can make stretch ceilings an affordable reality in your home. Make the call and invite us in; we’ll give you a quote.


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