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Bulkhead Ceilings

Bulkhead Ceiling

Bulkhead ceilings are named for their unique shape.

They are often seen by viewers as resembling the bulkheads of a ship or submarine, intended to cordon off different chambers of the ship to preserve buoyancy should the hull of the ship suffer damage.

Despite this rather industrial association, in homes, bulkhead ceilings are classy features that give the impression of a more private, intimate nook. Bulkhead ceilings are frequently a type of dropped ceiling, also called a false ceiling.

Dropped ceilings are ceilings that are actually lower than the structural height of the room, often hanging from the true ceiling that sections off the room from the empty space above. Dropped ceilings allow for the room to be imbued with the impression of a different shape.

Bulkhead ceilings are affordable and not difficult to install, frequently assembled from drywall, basic wood structuring or medium-density particle board.

Bulkhead ceilings can greatly raise the value of a room and are particularly attractive options for formal dining areas and parlors. Bulkhead ceilings were once much more popular, but have recently begun to fall back into vogue in modern homes, with modern building practices being used to emulate the styles of days past, particularly Baroque and Victorian architecture. The resurge of old styles into the modern realm has made such additions to homes very attractive and very valuable.

We make bulkhead ceilings an affordable option with the speed and professionalism of a strike team; we take measurements, machine the materials and install them. No nonsense involved, no false estimates, no delays.


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