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Waffle Ceilings

Waffle Ceiling

Waffle ceilings are a perfect way to raise the value of your home and instill a clean, classy, decadent feel into its architecture.

Waffle ceilings are simple structures comprised of beams and either wood or drywall. They give an attractive, orderly aura to the rooms they are installed in, cris-crossing it into individual sections. Waffle ceilings can be made to a depth of 3” to 12”, to complement the height of the ceiling.

Waffle ceilings are made with decorative trim to give the entire structure a more refined, classier look. Those looking to improve the value of their house for sale, whether they are flipping it or simply moving to a new residence, would be well served by the installation of waffle ceilings.

Waffle ceilings greatly improve the value of a home for sale. Redoing existing ceiling structures with waffle ceilings is not a complicated operation and can be done in a relatively short span of time. Waffle ceilings can give any home a much classier look evocative of fine hotels and historical architecture, but are far less expensive than the resources that go into building either.

Waffle ceilings are affordable to install on most budgets, and can be put into any home with a beam ceiling or wood ceiling. Decorative beams for waffle ceilings require only an anchoring point, and drywall structures for lower waffle ceilings are even easier to place.

We can make waffle ceilings a reality in your home and greatly raise its market value with ease, efficiency and precision. Make the call and we’ll make it happen.


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