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Coffered Ceilings

Coffered Ceiling

Coffering is a classical component of architecture that involves a series of perfectly square recesses in a surface, usually a ceiling.

Coffered ceilings interest the eye and draw the gaze upward, giving the room a greater impression of size. In this way, they make homes appear larger, and through that raise the value. Additionally, they carry an excellent aesthetic, further increasing the worth of the house on the real estate market and greatly increasing the appreciation of those visiting or living with it.

It is often best in rooms that have a more Victorian or otherwise classic or rustic feel, evoking the feeling of overhead beams--even though the coffering is completely decorative. For some, it can even lead to an increased feeling of security, that the building is more stable.

Coffering can be installed relatively quickly, and is generally very affordable. Coffering may or may not come with crown moulding depending upon the nature of the room to be updated with it. Coffered ceilings may be installed with medium-density fibreboard or machined wood, depending on the depth of the coffering required.

Coffered ceilings must be very precise, so it is important that the necessary components be machined in a proper shop, rather than on-site. We machine all ceiling components in our own shop to keep your home clean and to keep installation lightning quick.


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