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We serve to accommodate as many design profiles and ideas as possible and therefore offer our customers a great selection of materials, styles and motifs to choose from. With a highly stocked warehouse and showroom we take pride in meeting your supply demands and needs.

The installation of our products is carried out by expert professionals and to a precise and extremely high standard. We hope to satisfy all of our customer's requirements and strive to ensure unprecedented levels of customer care, service and overall fulfillment.

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Beam Ceilings

Beam Ceiling

Beam ceilings are assembled from machined wood or fibreboard in our wood shop, and fashioned into beams well in advance of installation.

Assembly in our wood shop allows the components of the beam ceilings to be machined to an extremely high precision, making them stand out under even harsh scrutiny from professional carpenters and architects. For small rooms, this process may take no more than a day. Somewhat larger rooms, or rooms with unusual dimensions may take a few days, and the biggest rooms may take up to a week. However, this span of time includes installation.

Most groups will machine the wood on-site, causing irritating sawdust to spread everywhere and rooms to be taken up for the full installation period by equipment, even while it is not being used. Machining the wood or fibreboard in our own shop keeps the mess out of your home for as long as possible and allows us to install things much more cleanly and rapidly, getting your home ready to show or open to guests all the faster.

Wood Beamed Ceilings

Wood beamed ceilings are beautiful additions to nearly any home. Richly colored wooden beams crossing the ceiling in squares draws the eye upward without pulling all of one’s attention, granting every room they are installed in a wonderful, relaxing pinache. Wood beamed ceilings are affordable and easy to install. Professionals can machine the wood beams in their own ship to the required specifications and install them--it is not necessary for them to be measured and cut on site, spreading sawdust everywhere.

Wood beamed ceilings do not take long to install, either, with the largest rooms taking around a week. Smaller areas may take only a day, including the time spent cutting the beams. We handle all the cutting in our own shop, keeping the noise and dust away from your ears, eyes and noses. We determine what needs to be done and do it--no nonsense and no time wasted.

Wood beamed ceilings add greatly to the value of any individual room, and by proxy, the entire house. They are excellent investments for one looking to raise the value and aesthetic pleasure of their home for their own purposes or for individuals attempting to flip the home for a greater return. Wood beamed ceilings are an affordable means to raise the value of a home with minimal personal labor invested, allowing busy professionals to keep their lives intact through remodel and allowing house flippers to keep improving other areas and waste no time.

Our service is quick, emaculate and precise to the finest standards, allowing you to rapidly and practically improve the value of any house or home over the course of no more than a week.


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