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LED Pot Lights

LED Pot Lights

LED pot lights are a wonderful complement to any ceiling feature.


Pot lights are also called ‘recessed’ lights in that they are pulled into the ceiling, flush against the surface, and the messy electrical components are kept in a metal cylinder, the ‘pot’. This creates a very clean, very modern look for most any room.

LED pot lights are unique improvements on the original design, as well. Pot lights are nothing new, but LEDs have recently become much more powerful and illuminating--and have always been much cheaper.

Pot lights can be very difficult to change out. There are a lot of moving parts involved with changing out bulbs, and even long-lasting, powersaving halogen bulbs still have to be replaced every several months if they are used frequently. However, LEDs last for many, many years, and generally do not stop functioning until damaged somehow. This downplays the greatest difficulty of pot lights and makes them a wonderfully accessible addition to any room that can greatly raise the value of any home on the market. LED pot lights provide bright and clear illumination evenly throughout a room, moreso than barebulb lighting or shaded lamps. The innovation of LEDs makes the style a very accessible option.

Many companies have not yet caught up to installing LED pot lights. The technology is still novel to many, but we’ve made it a point to offer it as one of our many services.

Take us up on them and see how much power you can save--your bill will drop within the month.

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