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Tray Ceilings

Tray Ceiling

Tray ceilings are a wonderful addition to any house, whether it is a home or simply a property to be sold.


Tray ceilings are simple but classy iterations of the classic bulkhead ceiling, existing in the form of multiple recessed tiers.

Tray ceilings can give the impression of a much larger room while simultaneously reducing the empty volume of the room, improving acoustics and reducing the discomfort that some guests may experience being under a very high ceiling. They provide an interesting aesthetic quality in this way that simply cannot be matched with a simple paint job or other DIY project.

Tray ceilings frequently employ LED rope lights along the border of each tier, providing even illumination to the entire room the tray ceiling is installed in. LED rope lights are very energy efficient and rarely require replacing. They greatly increase the value of a room and greatly decrease its energy consumption.

Tray ceilings are most often installed with dropped and recessed crown moulding for additional flair; this crown moulding is usually made of wood or medium-density fibreboard. This moulding is included in the cost of the project for the entire tray ceiling, rather than an extra charge; everything is installed at the same time as quickly and cleanly as possible.

Tray ceilings are a lovely modification that can be applied to almost any room with enough vertical space if the builders know how--and that is our specialty.


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